Came A Horseman

Came A Horseman

A Hard Ride in a Fierce World

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About the Book

Ten years after Earth’s electronics were fried by an immense solar flare, most human technology has turned useless and civilization has begun to fail. But one thriving pocket is a valley on California’s coast, where farmers in a religious cult dwell. A tribe of local hunters protect them. But this arrangement gets upended when a young refugee, Kyle Skander, wrecks his kayak there as he seeks to paddle north to Arcata. Kyle finds himself accused of murdering a young woman from the commune. To win freedom, he must find the real killer. His combative personality and a background in logic and philosophy helps Kyle make headway at this task. His investigation begins to uncover the valley’s deepest secrets. Then, buried rivalries erupt into a battle that alters forever this enclave’s fate.

“Came A Horseman” re-imagines the Western as a post-apocalyptic adventure, with a murder mystery at the heart of its plot.

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: ElkHeart Books