A sudden attack, a daring response...

On the shore of Oslo Fjord, teenagers Kristian Thorsen and Helene Berg watch in shock and horror as their world is upended by a Nazi invasion.

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About the Book

Driven apart by tragedy and trauma, Helene and Kristian take different paths to join the Resistance, but fate soon swirls them back together. Like many who rebel against the invaders, they must become spies and covert warriors on the fly, making huge mistakes along the way. Yet even on such a tortuous path, they are surprised by moments of grace.

When Helene manages to steal secret Nazi plans for precision bombing of England, Kristian launches a life-or-death mission to get this crucial intelligence across the North Sea and into Allied hands. He’ll try anything to defeat the fascist occupiers—and to win Helene’s heart.

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Bronzeville Books
Publication Year: 2023