Deadlines by Paul McHugh. DeadlinesDeadlines by Paul McHugh.

Paul McHugh

A novel of murder, conspiracy and the media, set in the San Francisco Bay Area in the fall of 2007.

Alcatraz, the Official Guide. Alcatraz The Official GuideAlcatraz, the Official Guide by Paul McHugh.
Paul McHugh
A battleship-shaped island, wrapped in fog and isolated in the middle of one of the world’s most beautiful bays, Alcatraz has intrigued the imagination of millions of people over the years. Today, under the stewardship of the National Park Service, Alcatraz continues to reveal its secrets. Step off the ferry, onto the dock, and into the past.
Goodbye-to-Rains Paul McHugh’s first novel, The Search for Goodbye-To-Rains can now be read online for free at GoogleBooks.

A young motorcycle rider hunts a mysterious entity. Captures the mood of 1970s America like no other story. Part road adventure, part existential quest, wandering from Florida’s panhandle to the mountains of New Mexico.

Wildplaces. Wild Places: 20 Journeys into the North American OutdoorsWild Places.

Edited by Paul McHugh

Top outdoor writers explore twenty of North America’s most captivating wild destinations. Tim Cahill, Gretel Ehrlich, Pam Houston and others contribute. Paul McHugh edits, contributes chapters on Alaska’s Tatshenshini River and the California Redwood region.

The Islands of San Francisco Bay. The Islands of San Francisco BayThe Islands of San Francisco Bay. Chapters by Paul McHugh.

Chapters by Paul McHugh

Marin photographer James Martin and Michael Lee portray San Francisco Bay’s remarkable islands. Paul McHugh contributes chapters on Alcatraz, Bair and Mare islands.

Shakleton's Boat Journey. Shackleton’s Boat Journey
F. A. Worsley
Introduction by Paul McHughThe skipper of the Endurance tells of Ernest Shackleton’s greatest polar adventure, a near disaster averted by marine heroics – an 800-mile open boat voyage across hazardous seas.